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Wisdom of the Witch, to awaken in everyday life

Wisdom of the Witch, inspirational publications

Through our publications Wisdom of the Witch, AwakeningTouch shares its knowledge and experiences to guide you to develop more autonomy in your life. We believe in sharing our knowledge with the community to inspire everyone to get back to basics and reconnect what we know with that from which we have become disconnected.

Discover ancient teachings, including nature wisdoms, animal spirits, the power of the elements, and the power of plant medicine. Find the inspiration to integrate powerful rituals into your life and discover creative projects. Connecting with nature, your life will regain its magic! Get our online publications.

“I share with you practical ideas and inspirations that are part of my daily life to invite you to make empowered choices in your life.”

Online publications

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Creating your altar

Caring for a sacred space brings magic into our lives. Creating a sacred space with regular practice will brings peace, keeping us grounded and stronger to meet the demands of daily life. Here is some inspiration for creating your altar or altars!

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Shamanic journey

Present in all cultures, the shamanic journey is an active visualization practice. Develop your intuition, your communication with the invisible world and find within yourself your own source of healing to bring joy to your life.

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Wisdom of the Seasons – pagan medicine wheel

The seasons carry wisdom that leads us to make positive changes in our lives.
Knowing the elements of the seasons is an endless source of inspiration for our daily lives and offers real solutions. 

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