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A touch of magic
Harmonize your inner cycles to the rythm of nature by participating in the WISDOM OF SEASONS online program 

Wisdom of the seasons

Learn to walk the path of the medicine wheel with this one-year online program.

Ritual boxes

Experience the magic of the seasons, creating sacred space and connecting to their wisdom.

Shamanic journey

Connect to your inner wisdom and build confidence in your intuition.

Natural skin care

Nourish your skin and your body with our natural handcrafted skin products.

AwakeningTouch – remember the natural ways

At AwakeningTouch, we are here to help you to bring magic to your dance of life, to create a life inspired by the rhythm of nature, to bring harmony and healing to your relationships, to know your place in life and in your community. Journeying with the earth cycles and its spirits will bring back the memory of how to listen to your inner wisdom and develop autonomy in your practice, allowing you to share your gifts and create joy and simplicity.

Inspired by her personal practice Gita creates a safe space for you to connect to your gift and carry it into daily life. We offer online and in-person journeys, sharing the teaching of the wisdom of the seasons, connecting you with the spirit world and your inner voice through shamanic journey and revealing the invisible through the journey to the heart of the image. In our publications Wisdom of the Witch, we share with you our experiences and knowledge of the old ways and their teachings.

Choose AwakeningTouch products to inspire your sacred space. Create your daily ritual and transformation with our handcrafted tools. Earth inspired and sustainable. Simply Raw Nature! The ritual boxes, a range of natural skin care products, the sacred plant medicine and ritual tools.

We invite you to choose the ingredients for your cauldron of life and create your own magic potion!
“Everything we need is available in nature, and we are part of it all. I invite you to create the space to reconnect with your nature and just be you.”


Check out our latest articles, get inspired to transform your life into an everyday ritual and join the dance of life that connects us all through its cyclical movement!

A journey to return to our essence

AwakeningTouch offers online and in person coaching that provides the necessary framework for you to find the space within yourself where your being can fully blossom. When you trust your inner voice and discover the simplicity of the journey, you find your place in life.

Wisdom of the seasons

Ancient traditions know the importance of the cycle of the seasons. Discover the Pagan Medicine Wheel and live in harmony with the elements of nature in this sacred circle of life. Each season holds wisdom that invites us to connect with ourselves and make positive changes in our lives.

Shamanic journey

Present in all cultures, the shamanic journey is an active visualization practice that allows you to communicate directly with spirit. Develop your intuition, your communication with the invisible world and find your own source of healing within yourself. A powerful tool to manage life’s dynamics.

Journey to the heart of the image


SoulCollage® offers a powerful space for self-exploration through images. Combined with shamanic journeying, it opens the door for your soul to meet your personal symbols and myths and reveal itself. Explore this technique that will bring your soul mission to light.

Wisdom of the Witch


Through these publications, Gita shares ancient knowledge with you, including nature’s wisdom, animal spirits, the power of the elements and the power of plant medicine. You will find inspiration for rituals and creative projects to bring magic to your life!

Tools to nurture the sacred

AwakeningTouch offers a wide selection of products that are all handmade with love by Gita. The plants are grown in her garden, and she carefully selects all ingredients, materials and suppliers she works with. All items are created to help you connect with spirit and honor all of life.

Ritual boxes

Each season has its own teaching. Featuring a collection of our products, with specific intentions and inspirations for each season, these boxes guide you to familiarize yourself with the rhythm of the seasons, to bring magic into your life and to feel the benefits of living in harmony with nature.

Natural skin care

Our face and body products are made from natural ingredients, blended with simple fragrances without synthetic additives or perfume. Providing a true sensory and olfactory experience, they will connect you directly to nature and its many gifts.

Sacred plant medicine

Mother Earth offers us her medicine through plants. Many are recognized as sacred because they are used to purify and support communication with the spirits. Connect to the magic of plants by burning them in your rituals or by using them as an offering to carry your prayers.

Ritual tools

Handcrafted, our ritual tools are inspired by the beauty of nature. They will create your sacred space and subtly awaken the invisible. These unique objects carry a symbolism that will support your ceremonies and your spiritual path.

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