Wisdom of the seasons! Transformation through the cycles of nature

Wisdom of the seasons, the ancient teachings

AwakeningTouch introduces you to the wisdom of the seasons according to the pagan medicine wheel. This tradition observes the cycle of the year and the change of seasons marked by the equinoxes and solstices. Each season carries its own teachings, in relation to the directions, elements, spirit guides and archetypes associated with it.

The elders understood the importance of living in tune with the cycle of the seasons, each one carrying its own wisdom. We can access this knowledge by living in harmony with nature. When we allow ourselves to be in tune with each season, we will be able to connect to a deeper knowledge within ourselves. Through this experience we have access to the sacred and the magic in your life.

We offer year-long online program and in person workshops to introduce you to the teaching of the seasons and develop positive habits. You will learn how to create sacred moments, integrate rituals into your life, take care of your health, give yourself time for personal reflection and honour all aspects of you. Take a step towards transforming your life!

“The seasons bring wisdom which inspires us to make positive changes in our lives.”

Program online

Over a period of one year, this comprehensive program allows you to deeply integrate the teaching of the seasons into your daily life. By walking with the seasons, you say yes to the experience of magic and true transformation. You can follow the program in your own pace, with access to additional inspirations and in-person support when needed. Once you have completed your one-year cycle, you will have a new vision and understanding of your life and your relationships. This teaching will inspire and nourish your live journey.


The keys of awakening

  • Awareness of the sacred
  • Listening to your inner voice
  • Connection to nature in its cycles


  • An in-depth knowledge of the seasons according to ancient traditions
  • Learning shamanic journeying
  • A daily practice with lasting effects
  • Personal reflections on one’s life
  • Rituals to honor the changing seasons
  • Learn tools to manage life’s challenges


  • Develop autonomy by integrating a daily practice tailored to your needs

  • Strengthen your self-confidence and ability to connect to your intuition

  • Learn how to make positive choices based on your 



The teaching of the wisdom of the seasons, followed at your own pace and additional inspirations when needed. 

At registration and with each new season

You will receive by email a file to download videos, audio recordings and PDF documents which include:

  • Meditations
  • Visualizations
  • Chants
  • Inspirations
  • Teachings
  • Worksheets

Depending on when you register, you will start either in the spring or fall season.

Throughout the year

You can benefit from a in-person 30 minute coaching session, available once per season. You have access to a private FB group reserved only for participants registered to the program, for inspiration and sharing of your experience.

Fees: $765 + tax*

* It is possible to pay in 4 installments of $225 + tax. Please contact us to continue with a payment plan.

In person workshops

The in person workshops take place in Val-Morin during a weekend. One week-end per season. Each workshop is dedicated to the wisdom of a season. In a group setting of maximum 10 people, you will have the opportunity to learn about the cycle of the seasons in a supportive and healing environment, connecting to your creative energy and wisdom. While spring invites us to create anew and summer to celebrate our dreams, fall is a time to reap what we have set in motion, while winter offers the time to call our dreams into manifestation.

The keys of awakening

  • Support of the energy of a sacred circle
  • Connecting to your inner wisdom
  • Communication with nature


  • Initiation to the pagan medicine wheel
  • in person contact with a teacher
  • Learning shamanic journeying
  • Introduction to seasonal rituals
  • Seasonal creative projects
  • Interpretation of visions


  • Grow individually with the support of the group
  • Bring clarity to your life path
  • Make positive changes in your life



An initiation to the wisdoms of the seasons in a sacred space





These workshops are offered on a weekend in Val-Morin, one weekend per season.

Fees: $125 + tax for 1 workshop

          $425 + tax for 4 workshops

Please view the calendar for upcoming workshop dates and to reserve your spot.

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