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A touch of magic
Harmonize your inner cycles to the rythm of nature by participating in the WISDOM OF SEASONS online program 

Unlock Nature’s Wisdom Codes, to access abundant flow of inspiration

Unlock Nature’s Wisdom Codes, a teaching of the natural cycles

Celebrating nature in the turning of the season, is about linking arms with the wisdom codes and teachings of the natural cycles. Unlocking this wisdom allows you to be carried by a natural flow and a deep connection, full of inspiration and solutions for everyday challenges. This journey with each season allows you to be deeply inspired, nourished, and held in community so you can step into your life and share your gifts from a place of inspiration and overflow.

Learn the challenges and opportunities of each season – know what to do to work with them. Learn to step into right relationship with yourself and others. Overcome obstacles and create flow.

“True freedom comes from within! Knowing who you are allows you to make your choices free from expectations of others.”

Free online training

Imagine what it would feel like to ignite your wisdom codes and reconnect to your inner landscape, embody your sacred gift, and bring ritual into your life.

AwakeningTouch offer this 3-day free training as an invitation for you to step into the sacred circle with nature, own your story and know your soul journey. Gita talks about the wisdom codes of the spring, summer, autumn, and winter! Stepping into our power! Coming into being! Finding our place in life! Transitioning in a good way!

The keys of awakening

  • Awareness of the sacred
  • Listening to your inner voice
  • Connection to nature in its cycles


  • An introduction to the seasonal teachings according to ancient traditions
  • A conversation to ignite your inner journey
  • Rituals to honour the changing seasons
  • Learn tools to manage life’s challenges


  • Get in touch with your inner voice
  • Develop self-confidence by finding your own answers
  • Remember the importance of commitment
  • Get support of the universe by saying YES


Magic happens in an energetic held space! Magic happens in community! This is Wolf medicine!

This ancient teaching reminds us that we are all interconnected.

Learn the challenges and opportunities of each season. Learn to step into right relationship with yourself and others. Overcome obstacles and create flow.



When joining the training

You will have access to three videos and relevant bonus material by logging into your AwakeningTouch account from the top right menu (LOG IN). If this is your first course purchase on our site, you will need to create an account. First click on “login to enroll” on the first page that open after clicking on “JOIN FREE”, then on the “register” button at the bottom left on the next page.

Individual treatment online and in person

Gita welcomes you for an individual shamanic healing in Val-Morin to help you with a specific need in your life. We carry within us blocks or energetic “knots” caused by various traumas or life stresses. In response, we have developed subconscious defense mechanisms that prevent us from having power over our lives. During this gentle and non-invasive treatment, you will gather information that will bring understanding to the origin of your blockages, which will facilitate a powerful healing process, helping you regain your power, the harmony within you and the ability to walk on your life path with a lighter step.

Individual treatment

An individual meeting to free yourself energetically

A preconsultation by phone, online or in person

A 2-hour appointment online or in person in Val-Morin

Fees: $120 + tax

Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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