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A touch of magic
Harmonize your inner cycles to the rythm of nature by participating in the WISDOM OF SEASONS online program 


FREE 3-day online live training


Access abundant flow of inspiration and ignite a deep inner journey

For the woman who holds space, motivates, and owns her story

Are you longing to dive deeper into your soul wisdom?

Are you tired of being the animator all the time?

Are you looking to join a sacred circle of women, link arms, be seen and witness others?

Do you desire to strengthen your intuition?


Join me in Unlocking Nature’s wisdom codes, where I will take you through a journey around the seasons.

Imagine what it would feel like…

to ignite your wisdom codes and reconnect to your inner landscape. Embody your sacred gift and bring ritual into your life. Own your story and know your soul journey.

Learn the challenges and opportunities of each season – know what to do to work with them. Learn to step into right relationship with yourself and others. Overcome obstacles and create flow.

Are you ready to journey with seasons, to remember and celebrate your gifts?

Celebrating nature in the turning of the season, is about linking arms with the wisdom codes and teachings of the natural cycles. Unlocking this wisdom allows you to be carried by a natural flow and a deep connection, full of inspiration and solutions for everyday challenges. This journey with each season allows you to be deeply inspired, nourished, and held in community so you can step into your life and share your gifts from a place of inspiration and overflow.

Free 3-day online live training

9 – 11 October 2023, 7pm – 8pm

The training will be live on Zoom, daily at 7pm – 8pm (EST).

When you sign up you will receive an email with the Zoom link and all relevant information to attend the live training. If you cannot attend in-person you can participate and follow the training in your own time.

After each session you will receive an email with the link to the recording (available for 7 days) and deepening material on the day’s subject and the opportunity to ask questions for the next session.

This ancient teaching reminds us that we are all interconnected: we are all part of the same circle, and everyone has a place in it.

“True freedom comes from within! Knowing who you are allows you to make your choices free from expectations of others.”

The Future is about stepping into right relationship with yourself, nature and the world, about coming together as we share.

We get to create our reality for ourselves and each other.

Free 3-day online live training

Monday, 9 – Wednesday, 11 October 2023

7pm – 8pm (EST), live on Zoom

(a recording will be available)

About your host!

Hi I am Gita. The best way to know me is to sit in circle with me. I was born for circle and it is where my gifts come fully alive.

I grew up with nature as my first teacher along with my parents, who immersed our family in nature, it’s beauty, mystery and magical realms.

I knew from the age of 12 I would work with touch, magic and nature. For the past 35 years from master therapist, to Rieki master, Yoga teacher, Medicine woman, beyond the initiations and trainings my whole life has been and continues to be a prayer in deepening in connection. Connection to nature, the plants, the wisdom of the seasons.  Connection to the wisdom codes of the Universe.

I am here to support you and share with you, inspire ideas and create connection to nature’s wisdom and assist with the interpretation of messages from your inner voice to your intuition and your communication with spirit.

I am here to hold the space of confidence for all to step into. Let us link arms and journey together!

Welcome to my world I am so happy you’re here.