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Inspired products in support of the sacred

Sacred products made by hand and with love

AwakeningTouch offers products that help bring the sacred into your life. Eco-friendly, handmade and made with love, all our creations are inspired by a deep connection with Mother Earth. Many were born in response to the needs of our loved ones. They promote communication with the spirits and contribute to the creation of daily rituals, transforming our lives into a sacred dance where magic happens every day.

The ritual boxes support you in living the cycle of the seasons in harmony, the natural skin care products connect you directly to nature through the plant essences used to create them. As for the sacred plant medicine that we grow and harvest, they support communication with spirit and can be used in your ceremonies. Finally, the ritual tools are all designed to contribute to the creation of your sacred space.

Browse through our products and add them to your cauldron to create your own potion that will bring magic to your life! They are a meaningful gift to give to yourself or to your loved ones.

“I like to surround myself with beautiful things that help me to celebrate everyday life. Therefore my creations happen in close connection with nature to remind myself that I am part of it.”

Rituals boxes

The ritual boxes are an exclusive concept from AwakeningTouch to accompany you personally through the cycle of the seasons. Each set consists of a set of our products carefully selected by Gita for their benefits in accordance with the season concerned. In addition, you are invited to walk your path inspired by seasonal intentions. These boxes are a wonderful gift to give yourself!

Natural skin care

AwakeningTouch offers a wide range of face and body products made from natural ingredients, organic whenever possible. Blended with natural fragrances that are free of synthetic additives and perfumes, the perfumes created awaken a deep spiritual connection with nature and its many gifts. All of our products are approved by Health Canada. Check out those specifically designed for the face, body and hair, or our floral waters and health products.

Sacred plant medicine

Among all the plants that Mother Earth offers us, many have a sacred meaning because they are associated with specific energies and intentions. Several traditions use these sacred plants known for their medicinal qualities. We prepare these plants which, depending on whether they are in whole leaf form, or crushed, can be used for fumigation, burned as incense or presented as an offering. They allow for energetic cleansing and communication with the spirit world and contribute to our healing.

Ritual tools

Ritual objects support your ceremonial space, whether on a daily basis or for specific passages such as the solstices and equinoxes. All are handmade, with materials sourced from local and international suppliers who share our values. A communication is established with each object in the creation process, which gives it a sacred quality and makes it unique. Get a goddess statue, an archetype mask, an offering plate, an incense holder, a candle holder or a medicine bag.

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