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Triple Goddess Statue – Equinox


A goddess for your sacred space

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Equinox Goddess Statue. Perfectly balanced between the opposites. Decorated with the triple goddess symbole, flowers and the sun.

This is a one of a kind handmade ceramic Goddess Statue. You receive the exact statue as seen on the images. The mother – nurturing statue is made to bring inspiration and contemplation to your space.
Place her in your meditation area, near plants, in your garden, on a shelf together with a candle. A beautiful statue for your yoni altar or birth altar. Before being sent out, the Goddess will be blessed in a ceremonial blessing by the artist and will carry a powerful energy of the elements and earth spirits.

“To me she communicates a nurturing presence, pregnant with creativity ready to give birth to new ideas in my life.” Gita


Make your order complete with a spirit masks, an incense holder, a candle holder or a medicine bag.

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14cm x 8xm x8cm


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