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Spring Ritual Box


Live the spring cycle in comfort and harmony

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The Spring Ritual set is designed to help you live the spring cycle in full harmony. All the products have been carefully selected by Gita for their properties in tune with this season that calls for a new beginning. They will help you create a sacred space for a daily ritual and follow your path inspired by the spring’s inspirations. This box is a wonderful gift to offer yourself!



  • Instruction Card, which explains how to use your Ritual Box, with suggestions for daily rituals, inspirations, intentions and reflections on the wisdom of the spring season.
  • Sacred Plant Medicine card, including a sachet of a seasonal plant incense.
  • Seasonal Ritual card, including instructions and a bag of ritual items.
  • object to create your sacred space according to the specifics of the season (ex: medicine bag, candle holder with candle, incense holder or goddess statue).
  • natural products for bath or the body “indulge-the-Goddess-you-are”.
  • notebook.
  • Several inspiration cards for your daily ritual.


All items are handmade by Gita. The herbs come from her garden. The rituals were inspired by her practice of the Wisdom of the Seasons and the Pagan Medicine Wheel.




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