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Scent of the Goddess


Invoke the goddess within you!

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This natural perfume is a blend of carefully selected essential oils in a base of jojoba oil. The roll-on glass bottle allows an easy application. Apply to all pulse points: behind ears, alongside of neck, wrists and elbow creases.

You may apply it to your palms, rub them together, then cup together, cup hands over nose and breathe deeply.

Cerridwen carries a fresh blend of Bergamot and Jasmin, bringing Joy and Radiance to your dance of life. Artemis is a courageous, daring, blend of earthy character, cedar wood and rosemary, bringing Strength and Magic to your dance of life where as Hekate has the deep fragrance of Patchouli in harmony with the essence of cedar wood, calling inner wisdom.

I have all three goddesses standing by. In the morning I will choose the one which will accompany me into my day. Some days I choose by goddess, other days by the fragrance which gives me comfort and force.


A beautiful gift for the goddess in your life.

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