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Sacred Feminine Womb Altar


Bring the sacred feminine to your rituals

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One of a kind! Personal goddess altar!

This handmade ceramic womb space carries the presence of all elements. With the shape of a drop of water, build from the earth, transformed in the fire and holding the space to welcome the sacred.

I love the earth elements coming together in the production.

You can add a flower or candle to your altar and use it as a display for your daily intention card or tarot cards.
You will receive the altar globe and the ring it sits on.

“Ritual objects are designed to enhance the ceremonial space, on a daily basis or for specific passages such as the solstices and equinoxes. All are handmade, with materials sourced from local and international suppliers who share our values. A communication is established with each object in the creation process, which gives it a sacred character in addition to making it unique.” Gita

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To make your order complete with a goddess statue, spirit masks, an incense holder, a candle holder or a medicine bag.

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25cam x 17cam


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