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Persephone spirit mask


Goddess of spring growth and equinox

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Queen of the underworld, wife of the god Haides (Hades). Goddess of spring growth. She carries the element of both, spring, and autumn equinox. The moment of transition between the journey into either summer or winter. She chooses to live with her husband in the underworld but rises in spring to spend the summer month with her family in this world.

This unique spiritual mask was crafted with great care and through a ritual process to connect with the spirit of Persephone and intuitively add elements and symbolism.

This mask will allow you to bring the presence of its energy into your rituals and your sacred space, to guard the entrance of your home or to decorate your outdoor spaces.

“Ritual objects are designed to enhance the ceremonial space, on a daily basis or for specific passages such as the solstices and equinoxes. All are handmade, with materials sourced from local and international suppliers who share our values. A communication is established with each object in the creation process, which gives it a sacred character in addition to making it unique.” Gita


To make your order complete with a goddess statue, an offering plate, an incense holder, a candle holder or a medicine bag.

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mask size 17m x 15cm / hanging size 31xm x 37cm


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