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Medicine bag – necklace


protection amulet pouch

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This medicine bag is to carry your sacred items, a crystal, your prayers and intensions and sacred herbs with you. During ceremony or the ritual of daily life.
For protection and healing.

This ensemble comes with small ceramic symbole disks.
The owl spirit, Triskele – triple spiral, heart
they can be attached to your bag or placed on your altar and carried in your bag when you need it’s support.

Bag size:
Total size of bag: 3.5” x 3.5”
Necklace length: 15.5” (hanging)

Strong 3 1/2 mm strong moose leather
the leather has been recycled, our local native suppliers collect skins destined for garbage from the butcher during hunting season, to sent them to a native tannery. Honouring all of the animal and making sure that nothing goes to wast.

Each piece is crafted by hand. The purchased product may vary slightly in appearance from the one in the photos.

Simplicity and functionality are important to me. I have designed it to be strong as well as beautiful.

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17'' necklace, 3.5'' x 3.5''


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