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Goddess altar


Bring the sacred feminine to your rituals

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One of a kind! Personal mini altar!

This handmade ceramic combination of goddess statue, sacred feminine ceramic base tile, with triple goddess mini vase cauldron brings a beautiful ambience.

I love the earth elements coming together in the production.

You can add a flower or candle to your altar and use it as a display for your daily intention card or tarot cards.
You will receive the sacred feminine tile, goddess statue, mini cauldron.

“Ritual objects are designed to enhance the ceremonial space, on a daily basis or for specific passages such as the solstices and equinoxes. All are handmade, with materials sourced from local and international suppliers who share our values. A communication is established with each object in the creation process, which gives it a sacred character in addition to making it unique.” Gita


To make your order complete with a goddess statue, spirit masks, an incense holder, a candle holder or a medicine bag.

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Dimension: sacred feminine tile: 5.5'' x 5.5'' Goddess statue: 3'' x 2'' Cauldron: 2'' x 2''


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