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Face serum – chamomile & calendula


simply natural – face serum

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We have used two of our favorite heroes to create this simple but powerful healing salve.

Camomile and calendula flower macerated in organic jojoba oil.


  • protects skin moisture, supports wound healing and is anti-inflammatory
  • calming and regenerative for all skin types
  • camomille is known for it’s anti-oxidant properties
  • calendula repaires skin and calms redness
  • protects skin from dryness and dehydration


”In ayurveda medicine oil is used to protect the body from the effects of the changing season of autumn. Wind and seasonal change destabilize the vatta element. An imbalanced vatta element is often cause which favors flue and colds. Therefore, much attention is given to apply oil to the body to prevent imbalance of the vatta element in the body. It is now the time for repaire from the effect of the summer sun and prevention for the autumn season’s effect on the skin”



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