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Going on a shamanic journey

Jan 11, 2022 | 0 comments

No need to travel miles and pay a plane ticket to travel… It is possible to make a shamanic journey from your home and go very far! Indeed, because a shamanic journey will not lead you to a tourist destination, but to unsuspected places of your subconscious where you will be able to seek your own answers to the questions you ask yourself or the challenges you face… You will not be disappointed by the journey offered by this shamanic practice that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. On the contrary, you will want to go back again and again since it is a destination where you feel nourished by the strength of your intuition and can reconnect you with your inner wisdom.

What is a shamanic journey?

A shamanic journey is a very ancient practice found in different spiritual traditions. It is an active visualization technique that brings answers to the questions we ask ourselves in our lives and to the challenges we face, by entering directly into communication with the spirits of everything that lives around us. For everything around us has a spirit. Whether it is plants, animals, elements and even places… everything! In contact with these spirits, we enter a non-ordinary reality that brings an understanding of who we are… in the ordinary reality. It is in this very place that we connect to our inner wisdom and regain confidence in our intuition, as all answers lie within. The shamanic journey is an excellent tool for consciously connecting with the world of the invisible and learning to listen to the signs and messages it sends us.

The shamanic journey:

  • connects to the spirit world.
  • allows us to communicate with our inner voice.
  • awakens our intuition.
  • develops self-confidence by finding our own answers.
  • helps us to better manage our life and relationships.
  • supports our life path.
  • brings healing.
A shamanic journey will not take you to a tourist destination, but to unsuspected spaces in your subconscious where you can get your own answers to questions you have or challenges you face.

What is a shamanic journey like?

Making a shamanic journey is accessible to everyone. This visualization practice can be done alone with the help of an individual treatment online or in person, or with a video recording in the courses HOW TO JOURNEY – INITIATION and HOW TO JOURNEY – ADVANCED also offered online or in person. It can also be experienced as a group in the circles that we regularly organize on Zoom and in person. They constitute a powerful sacred space where each person has his or her own personal place while being in relationship with the other people present. If you encounter possible learning curves at the beginning, these will fade away with time as you gain confidence.

Some basic principles of the shamanic journey:

  • A shamanic journey lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.
  • It is supported all along by the sound of the drum.
  • It is done in a quiet place where you will be comfortably settled.
  • It is recommended to use an eye mask.
  • You will take time to formulate your question or intention.
  • You will be invited to travel through the Lower, Middle and Upper worlds, which differ from each other in their energy and vibration, as well as the kind of guides found there.
  • You will take a moment for yourself to settle down and welcome what is there.
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The shamanic journey helps us to feel perfectly at home in the world we live in and to find that inexhaustible source of inspiration within us.

When to do a shamanic journey?

Often, we wait for a situation to arise in our life to turn to shamanic journeying. However, this visualization practice can be used on a regular basis, without waiting until we are out of breath. In ancient times, all adult members of the community journeyed regularly to get answers to their questions. However, when we are affected by an event in our lives, it is an opportunity to shed light on what we are going through.

Questions or challenges that can be answered by the shamanic journey:

  • A conflicting relationship that we are experiencing with a family member or loved one.
  • A physical discomfort for which we wish to understand the emotional reasons.
  • Mental or physical fatigue.
  • A lack of happiness or self-confidence.
  • A question about a future action to take.
  • A need for renewal.
  • A request for healing.
  • A teaching to be received on a specific subject.
  • A cleansing of non-beneficial energies
  • A contact with our power animal or spiritual guide.
Through the shamanic journey, you will develop your communication with the invisible world and reconnect to your intuition. You will connect to your own source of healing in order to better manage your life. You will feel perfectly at home in the world you live in, connected to your inexhaustible source of inspiration.
The visualization practice of the shamanic journey is a tool that is at the heart of all the training offered by AwakeningTouch online or face to face, whether it is through the wisdom of the seasons, the shamanic journey itself or the journey to the heart of the image. This tool, accessible to all, opens a door to the non-ordinary reality – that of the spirit world – which is part of our lives but which we are not always aware of. Connected to this dimension, we can live our lives to the fullest and with confidence, knowing that the world of the invisible constantly supports us on our path.