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Creating a sacred altar for daily connection

Dec 12, 2021 | 0 comments

Life is full of activities every day. We get busy, we hurry, we navigate between work and family, and we forget our basic need for stillness, reflection and connection. All spiritual traditions have understood the importance of anchoring a daily practice to connect with ourselves. And this is precisely what creating a sacred altar is all about. By dedicating a space of our own in our home, and furnishing it with objects that connect us to a sacred dimension, we immediately find the path that leads us back to ourselves, where we are at peace and in tune with our inner voice.

A Sacred Altar: What is it?

An altar is a physical space that is specifically created by and for ourselves to connect us directly to the world of the invisible. It allows us to consciously take time for ourselves each day by connecting to the sacred. Its presence in our living space serves as a daily reminder of the importance of making a date with ourselves – when our agenda is always very full and will connect us directly to this space where it is possible to stop, go within and to find our answers. While it is also possible to create an outdoor altar and even a temporary one, creating a permanent altar right in the place where we live is a first step in taking care of ourselves every day of the year. Just by its presence in our daily environment an altar will establish an instant connection between us and the spirit world.


Creating a Sacred Altar:

  • Provides a physical space dedicated to us.
  • Provides a time for reflection and meditation.
  • Promotes communication with the spirits.
  • Reminds us that we are connected to something bigger than ourselves.
  • Allows us to receive love and be inspired.
  • Deeply nourishes our being.
  • Develops our creativity.
  • Facilitates regular practice and integration of discipline.
  • Brings magic into our lives!

All spiritual traditions have understood the importance of having a daily practice to connect with the Sacred.

Essentials of a Sacred Altar

You are now ready to create your own permanent altar at home. Here are some recommendations to help you with this process.

1. Find the right place for you

There is no right or wrong place to set up a sacred altar. In fact, any location can be suitable, as long as it meets your needs and the location is convenient. Your altar should be easily accessible and visible enough to be a part of your daily life. Listen to your heart, it knows what is good for you!

2. Design your altar

In addition to being a place for yourself to meditate and take time to reconnect, an altar is also a place that allows you to communicate with the spirit world through offerings which you put on it. You may place any objects on it, but also elements from nature. When feeling inspired to do so, you can, at any time remove, change or add an element.

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Here are some basic points to follow:

  • Avoid clutter.
  • Make sure the altar is safe (candles or incense).
  • Choose items that do not pollute the environment by using as many natural objects as possible that are sustainable and can decompose naturally.
  • Take from nature only what you need and return to nature what is no longer suitable.
  • Clean it regularly and take care of it as you would take care of yourself.

3. Maintain the connection with your altar

Once your altar has been established, it is now time to integrate its use into your daily life, because it is not a decoration but a physical place that is dedicated to you and the spirit world! Set up a simple ritual, which you can repeat every day – or even twice a day, morning and evening – in order to create a habit for life. It should fit into your routine and reality, establishing a discipline in your life that will become a regular part of your daily life.

Check out a suggested ritual to incorporate into your daily routine.

It is essential to maintain the connection with your sacred altar. It is a commitment, an important relationship in your life that requires time and effort. In return, you will receive love and support.

The process that leads to the creation of your altar is a magical experience to live. In making your altar, you will touch directly on that creativity that is there within you and is just waiting to be expressed, in an open, non-judgmental space where your actions are guided by the heart. And on a daily basis, your permanent altar will create a moment of connection with yourself. By resting your body and mind and, by connecting you to a world much larger than yourself, it will connect you to your source of inspiration, all while feeling supported and sustained. What may take some effort at first will become part of your life and your life will be forever changed by it.