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Harmonize your inner cycles to the rythm of nature by participating in the WISDOM OF SEASONS online program 
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Welcome into the sacred circle! 

Sister, mother, daughter, lover, goddess. You, who organises, motivates, creates, and holds space for others, for family and at work.

This is an invitation to remember. Remember your nature, the Nature, and link hands, stand together, open your heart. Let us join our voices, in celebration of who we are, who you are, when we stand in sacred circle, connecting deeply.

Feeling the water in our blood, the earth in our body, the air in our breath and the fire in our spirit.

Drawing strength through our roots, from the grandmothers who stand behind us, aligning our cycles to the cycles of the moon and the seasons. And together we begin the day, every day with walking into the infinite possibilities of every single moment, expanding into our true potential.

Unlock nature’s wisdom codes is one of the portals to step into transformation through the cycles of nature. It is my intention to ignite some of your wisdom codes, give you practical ideas and awaken your desire to bring ritual into your life.

Please know that I would love to hear from you. Get your feedback, your comments, your questions and hear about your experiences. Don’t hesitate to be in touch.

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