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Harmonize your inner cycles to the rythm of nature by participating in the WISDOM OF SEASONS online program 


Welcome into the sacred circle! 

Sister, mother, daughter, lover, goddess. You, who organises, motivates, creates, and holds space for others, for family and at work.

This is an invitation to remember. Remember your nature, the Nature, and link hands, stand together, open your heart. Let us join our voices, in celebration of who we are, who you are, when we stand in sacred circle, connecting deeply.

Feeling the water in our blood, the earth in our body, the air in our breath and the fire in our spirit.

Drawing strength through our roots, from the grandmothers who stand behind us, aligning our cycles to the cycles of the moon and the seasons. And together we begin the day, every day with walking into the infinite possibilities of every single moment, expanding into our true potential.

Unlock nature’s wisdom codes is one of the portals to step into transformation through the cycles of nature. It is my intention to ignite some of your wisdom codes, give you practical ideas and awaken your desire to bring ritual into your life.

Please know that I would love to hear from you. Get your feedback, your comments, your questions and hear about your experiences. Don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Welcome message 


The program WISDOM OF THE SEASONS offers you the teachings of the pagan medicine wheel by following the cycles of nature. The ancient traditions understood the importance of living in tune with the cycle of the seasons. When we allow ourselves to be in tune with this wisdom, we are able to connect to a deeper knowledge within ourselves. Through this experience we have access to the sacred and the magic in our life.



Each season has its own characteristic energy, which we can observe in nature. By tuning into each season, you will be able to connect to a deeper knowledge of yourself. With this experience you have access to the sacred and the magic in your life.

It has been more than 30 years that I am walking the medicine wheel.

Each cycle has revealed more magic and wisdom than I could have ever imagined. Every spiritual practice that I have learned and every healing technique that I have studied has fitted harmoniously into this path of discovery of the divine wisdom of Nature and its cycles. This wisdom is available to all of us if we allow ourselves to be present, conscious, observe and learn.

The system of the medicine wheel teachings and the wisdom of the seasons take their root in the sacred divine consciousness. It is all inclusive and everybody can find their place. It is a path of direct communication with the Divine.

It is my privilege to share my experience of this sacred journey of life with you. It is my prayer that you will be finding your answers in the sacred dance.

Gita Nicola Schneider


How does it works ?

As soon as you buy the program, you have directly access to the Introduction module.

Your walk on the Medicine Wheel path will begin :

Once the portal is open for the next season, you will have access to the corresponding module and the following modules will be revealed according to the Celtic seasonal calendar.



A deepening of the shamanic journey with advanced techniques

Shamanic journeying is an ancient visualization practice that connects us, through communication with the spirits, to our intuition and inner wisdom.

This advanced course will introduce you to four integral techniques within shamanic journeys, enhancing your practice and opening new door for an even deeper relationship with your helping spirits and the non-ordinary reality.

You will gain new insights and understanding which will allow you a better your understanding of yourself and the dynamic of interaction with others in your life.



An initiation into the technique of shamanic journeying

Welcome to the community !

Shamanic journeying is an ancient visualization practice that connects us, through communication with the spirits, to our intuition and inner wisdom. We trust that this initiation course will be the beginning of a great personal adventure for you. The shamanic journey is a powerful tool for self-knowledge and will open new doors and opportunities on your life path. The more you experience it, the more you will truly know yourself.