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As we approach Winter Solstice, we are encouraged to become silent. The teaching of the ‘WISDOM OF THE SEASONS’ talks about inner silence to hear the voice of our soul. To sit in this silence to truly connect the inner wisdom.

Sitting in silence, true silence is not easy, and definitely not something we comes naturally to our modern life. Silent meditation is the path to connect to our true Self.

What is meditation?
In the scriptures it is explained:
“CITTA VRTTI NIRODHA, the state of mind in which no distractions arise from undesirable external stimuli and the individual is able to choose an object of focus, ideally Īśvara (the supreme soul.”

Therefore, learning to meditate begins always with a practice of concentration.
The preparation of meditation is often compared to the preparation of sleep. Like sleep you cannot will yourself to be in meditation. The state of meditation comes, like sleep, you will only know of it once you come out of it. Just like you only know that you slept once you wake up.



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